Making the Decision w/ Anyerin Drury

Anyerin delivers a motivational and jaw dropping interview about making a decision and completely committing to it. His commitment brought him across the world and affected tens of thousands of people. Along with his decision and faith in God, he tells the complete story of walking out the story and coming back to his home town to begin the next chapter as an international recording artist when the time is right and the right song arrives.

Anyerin is a bold and unique artist that stands out among the rest. His voice is striking and compelling, and nothing is out of the reach of his ability as a vocalist. He is a session quality guitarist, able to play skillfully and passionately, and a world class songwriter. But when it all gets put together during his live performances, that’s where the magic happens. He is personal and honest, pulling you into the moment he’s in and carrying you away on the music he creates. Anyerin is truly one of a kind.

Make sure to listen to Anyerin’s music and follow him on social media. / @anyerin

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