A Good Time to Post on Social Media

When is it a good time to post on social media? Your post on social media only reaches 3%-8% of your followers. So why are people so excited about when to post? Think about it. You put content on social media and you get a couple likes and a comment or two. It feels good. But wait, there’s more. What if I told you that the post was most valuable three or five days later.

A Good Time to Post on Social Media

So what do you do? Simple. Focus on your Facebook Fan Page. Make a post and boost that post to your followers over the next couple days. Look for the feedback, like people actually mentioning the post to you when they see you, or some engagements on the post. From there you can gauge what action can happen in similar posts and how valuable they are to the process.

Disclaimer: This methodology is only for beginners who have not data to go from. A good friend of mine sells women’s apparel online and she posts on Instagram at 8pm and gets 5 orders in regularly.  Not saying that won’t happen for you and she has also invested time and cash to have the data and understanding of how that time works for her business. 

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