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The Power of Names & Laughter w/ A Cup of Commonwealth

There is a coffee shop in Lexington KY named Cup of Commonwealth. They are a group of people lovers that have found a marketing plan you should follow. This came to light when as I have been seeing the addition of someone's name in the subject line of an email increases the open rate. It [...]

Leading the Way in Business & Creativity w/ Christine McFaul

Christine McFaul is a leader in North East Florida's innovative scene. Her drive is to help women grow in their entrepreneurial talents while supporting growing businesses' digital representation at PS27. In this podcast, you will profit from her understanding of photography, business understanding and gain her perspective about the Jacksonville business community.

Swimming w/ The Sharks in High Heels w/ Lori Cheek

She walked into the room with all the Sharks on the TV show Shark Tank. Since that meeting, she has raised six times what she asked the sharks to invest in her business Cheekd. Lori Cheek is a Kentucky Native and a New York City tech leader. She has single-handedly changed the way we look [...]

2018 is Your Year

2018 is your year. One rule you got to make it your year happen for you. Or it will happen to you. Make moves. Casting judgment is a sign of weakness & encouragement is proof of inner strength. Look back one year from today w/ the accomplishments of lives you changed, people you helped & [...]

Your Own “Just Do It”

Your very own "Just Do It". Just think about that. The slogan that has taken over multiple generations and delivers the battle cry to thousands of sports teams and millions of athletes. You can create yours. Just like Nike created theirs. In Phil Knight's book, he recalls that they named Nike in a last minute decision at [...]

Write Your Own Story w/ Lura Readle Scarpitti

Write Your Own Story w/ Lura Readle Scarpitti Everyone gets to live the life that they want to live. The difference is that not many of us actually do that. Lura Readle Scarpitti is not only the Managing Editor at Old City Life Magazine. She is a risk taker, a mother and can a huge supporter [...]

Elon Musk – Must Read

This book receives the highest of recommendation. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Vision. Nothing comes without vision. The belief in the long-term plan and the heart of all hearts that what you are doing is good and right. Vision is built on the foundation of belief. [...]

The answer is always the person you are discounting

The biggest mistake you can ever make is to forget to dream. A dream comes from your heart. It comes from a place that is charged with the spiritual and galactic powers of the universe, God and everything that has ever affected you. Staying true to that plan and not looking to the left or the [...]

Building Bridges in Jacksonville w/ Carlton Robinson

Activating a Community with Carlton Robinson is easy. He does all the heavy lifting. Not only does he make it a point to be at almost every event that supports entrepreneurship in Jacksonville, he is there with a winning attitude. Why is he so stoked about life? It is what he gets to do with the best hours [...]

Five Figure Deal from One Email?… Nah

Our Convert Kit sequence engaged a prospect to respond. That turned into a five-figure deal.  Not too shabby. Here is what you need to know. Your email sequence through Convert Kit delivers a scheduled email every couple of days that looks and feels like a quick pop of info that adds value to the reader's life and a way that [...]