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Breaking Stereotypes w/ Amanda Ruller

You want to be a part of breaking stereotypes w/ Amanda Ruller? She is a powerhouse of energy, motivation, determination, and vision. Her accomplishments as an Olympian, football player in two different leagues, sports caster, power-lifter, model and she runs a 4.7 40. Are you feeling that? If not, get ready. She is about [...]

JAX Tech 2nd Annual Summer Social Hotel Palms

The Summer Social by JAX Tech is not to be missed. Each year it highlights the community of entrepreneurs, creatives, politicians, awesome people and anyone else who is stoked to about the tech scene in Jacksonville. This year it was held at the Hotel Palms in Atlantic Beach, just north of Jacksonville Beach. The place [...]

Take Your Shot w/ Steve Parr

Born in Queens, NY.  Steve, grew up New York's Long Island. He is currently living in St Augustine. Steve became interested in photography around age 13, when his brother set up a darkroom in their basement. He shot his first concert in the tenth grade: Styx "Grand Illusion" tour in 1978. After graduating high [...]

How “Crush It” Changes My Life

Each year I take a couple days out of my life and listen to what Gary Vee has to tell me. He tells me the who I am as an entrepreneur and what I am to do with my life to create the lifestyle that I am to live. Leadership, business, creative, crushing and [...]

Build Your Reputation w/ Brian Barquilla

Build Your Reputation w/ Brian Barquilla Entrepreneur, marketing expert and founder of AdvantageB2B consulting+marketing Make sure to visit: www.buildmyreputation.net Brian Barquilla is the president of AdvantageB2B Consulting + Marketing and is an expert in marketing privately owned businesses. With more than 15 years of experience as a CEO, Brian holds degrees in marketing and management from Jacksonville University. [...]

Life On Ward

Ward Hughey is a beach bum, kook surfer, and a people person. As owner and operator of Bleeding Tree Entertainment, he handles art events, booking and promotion of concerts in Saint Augustine, FL. At age 35 Ward is at home in the oldest city living amidst a community that inspires him as he works [...]

How to Launch and Sustain a Digital Brand

How to Launch and Sustain a Digital Brand Reaching out a helping hand. Launching and sustaining a digital brand is not a hard or easy task. It is a movement. An organic decision to grow a living and breathing organism called "your brand". The best part is you can do this. In the coming days [...]

Juice (Know the Ledge) w/ Nate Does Food

Plates Reviewed Restaurants Visited Times said "Nom Nom" Favorite Meals From Nate: I’m a full-time food blogger and restaurant influencer based in Jacksonville, Florida. I wear many hats from social media manager for +10 local restaurants to food writer for Jack Magazine and EUjacksonville, to photographer, and videographer. I lead a secret group on Facebook of +600 [...]

Making the Decision w/ Anyerin Drury

Making the Decision w/ Anyerin Drury Anyerin delivers a motivational and jaw dropping interview about making a decision and completely committing to it. His commitment brought him across the world and affected tens of thousands of people. Along with his decision and faith in God, he tells the complete story of walking out the story and [...]

Anytime is a Good Time to Post on Social Media

A Good Time to Post on Social Media When is it a good time to post on social media? Your post on social media only reaches 3%-8% of your followers. So why are people so excited about when to post? Think about it. You put content on social media and you get [...]