Activating a Community with Carlton Robinson is easy. He does all the heavy lifting. Not only does he make it a point to be at almost every event that supports entrepreneurship in Jacksonville, he is there with a winning attitude. Why is he so stoked about life? It is what he gets to do with the best hours of his day. Build the bridges that unite the businesses of Jacksonville. Dude is for real!

Here is a short list:

  • JAX Bridges program founder.
  • Created an entrepreneurial vendor development program.
  • Transformed entrepreneurial support from business plan emphasis to business development (via business models & value creation).
  • Direct contributions to the JAX Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:
  • Kauffman Entrepreneurial Education Certifications: New Venture and Growth Venture
  • Led Startup Quest Entrepreneurial Development Program (Jacksonville, 2012-2015)
  • Co-Organizer of first JAX Startup Weekend (2011)
  • Co-Lead Jacksonville Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Asset Mapping w/Edward Lowe Foundation
  • Created JAX Ecosystem Map
  • Led Innovate Northeast Florida efforts in entrepreneurship and innovation.