There is a coffee shop in Lexington KY named Cup of Commonwealth. They are a group of people lovers that have found a marketing plan you should follow. This came to light as I have been seeing the addition of someone’s name in the subject line of an email increases the open rate. It dawned on me as I sat in this coffee shop answering emails – the baristas greeted everyone by their first name or a “Heyoooo” as they came in the door. Not only that, they did anything they could to create authentic laughter in every conversation. Not forced, but real laughter. They also have a Pay It Forward campaign where you can buy people coffee by writing who it is for on the coffee sleeve. Jeesch.

Mission Statement: Embrace community. Serve others. Create culture. (and laughter)

I had not been in Cup of Commonwealth for over a year and when I walked in and they said to me “Tim, where have you been? We have missed you.” I mean who does that? I realized that I do that, we do that, everyone does that with people we like and want to engage with. This small coffee shop wants to be friends with you and wants to engage with you. Not just for coffee, for a cup of common-wealth.
Take from it what you will. My advice is that if you are not making people laugh and adding joy to their life, you might want to start now. Think of it, if you started adding laughter to your daily interactions and it increased the bottom line by just a couple percent – it would be worth it.
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