The Look

We will create a strategy and activate that strategy with you and your team to bring the look and feel to your digital presence that matches your passion and brings a return on investment. This will range from social media posts to fan advocacy campaigns. 

The Return

The digital marketing strategy will be quantified and qualified by the Key Performance Indicators and CONVERSIONS. We will build a system and provide reporting on the KPIs and the overall business, customers, revenue and from your people.

The Actions

Sequence Marketing Conversion Based Email Marketing 

Sequence marketing or conversion based email marketing captures email addresses through lead magnets with the focus on continuing to market to the person with specific email messages tailored to the reason why they signed up. We support you and your team to create conversion based email marketing sequences consisting emails each and signup forms on your website to create engagement of the KPIs and specific conversions.

Social Media Content

The daily posting of social media content consists of text, photos, and videos. Each social media post fills a purpose in an overall scheme of the digital marketing plan. From testing, direct sales and overall engagement the social media content will write the overall plan and confirm the Key Performance Indicators.  We will support you and your team to deliver a consistent “post per day” on your social media channels and create a content calendar.

Facebook Ads 

Facebook ads will create new engagements and conversions. Further, we will be able to access valuable data from the engagements with the ads and boosted posts on Facebook. We will support you and your team to activate a plan that consistently delivers Facebook ads to promote the current posts for engagement and market the conversion-focused post for KPI analytics.