Passion-Based Instagram Brings You Influence

Passion-Based Instagram will bring you influence. Influence is the sticky ability to create momentum with people that follow you to be able to engage in the actions that you suggest. My friends that have a passion for their business, spirituality, fitness, fashion and everything else look for passion-based people to follow them. My friends who run social marketing teams have time and money invested in creating a following that are either passionate about the product, service or the lifestyle it delivers. You can do the same.

What is your motivation?

Ask yourself, are you looking for a problem and creating a solution due to a high potential of return on investment? If so, just stop now and let your heart turn on. Think of what moves you at the core. In your soul. Who are you? What do you love? Now go find those followers.

The only way to find the passion-based followers for Instagram is to post passion-based content. Selfies of you in your passion. Photos of what you see in your world. Blogs about what moves you. Real content. Real passion. The REAL you. Delete the representative that you bring to the outside world and show us You. We have been waiting.

Passion-Based Instagram followers will do what you suggest, buy what you recommend and most of all they will ask to be part of your journey. They will volunteer. They will tell their friends about you and your brand. Why? Because they believe in your passion because they have one too. They just might not have told anyone yet. You can be the catalyst for the passion-based life they are looking for. No pressure, but that is an entrustment.


Three Steps

1) Take too many selfies. Selfies show you, your brand or your business in real life. Dare to be daring.

2) Share your heart. Go on an IG Live and open your heart to the world about why “this” drives you.

3) Follow people that you are interested in. Regularly. Then authentically like and comment on their posts.

Now live that life by telling everyone you’re #BoutThatLife

PS – Ladies, check out for some vintage skills. 😉