Project Description


87% average rate of tenants after a year. We were like…. really? Our method was simple. We brought together video, social media content, social advertising and Google AdWords. then, viola! Well, there was a bit more than that. I mean we had to drink 123 cups of coffee at the coworking space, consult on the layout, plan some events, worked on the business direction and overall pricing. End of the day. 87% is a good number. We are proud of it.

Launching a successful brand has to do with the love of the design, wording, passion, excitement and the endorphin release of creating something new. Creating sales through marketing is awesome. It is tough. It is gritty. It is a way of life and unforgiving. it is what we love. If you can’t move the meter in sales, you gots to move on. We do not always succeed and when we do, it is a nice sized win. Keep your eyes on the prize, give love to your customers and build a plan that gives a return on investment.