Project Description

Worked with a burgeoning comic book company to take their Kickstarter from $0 to $72K within the campaign timeframe. 289% of the original funding goal of $25k.

Other key stats:

  • 4,799 Kickstarter video views
  • 41% of backers pledged at the $75+ level
  • $15k raised through organic social efforts
  • 136% ROI on paid advertising
  • $18K lift in the last 48 hours of the campaign


  • Targeted social advertising campaigns that showcased the Kickstarter as well as stretch goals and pledge gifts
  • 2x daily organic social postings
  • Partnerships with several key influencers to encourage them to share the Kickstarter across their social feeds
  • Direct Facebook messaging campaign – one-to-one fan messaging aimed at starting conversations and building awareness with target backers
  • Reddit AMA campaign, promotion and support
  • Several live stream sessions to build excitement and engagement around the Kickstarter campaign