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Born in Queens, NY.  Steve, grew up New York’s Long Island. He is currently living in St Augustine. Steve became interested in photography around age 13, when his brother set up a darkroom in their basement. He shot his first concert in the tenth grade: Styx “Grand Illusion” tour in 1978.

After graduating high school, Steve then Joined the Navy in January 1981, retired in 2001. He stayed interested in photography throughout his Naval career and has some amazing photos from Desert Storm.

Steve went to work for Taylor Guitars in southern California in 2004, working primarily in Canada. He got heavily into concert photography during this time. He photographed and got to hang with some of the best musicians in rock music.

Steve is one of the most respected photographers in St Augustine and is a house photographer at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre and Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, and he a writes and shoots photos for St. Augustine Social magazine. He has also had his work featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Vintage Guitar Magazine and the San Diego Union Tribune. Steve was a contributing photographer for Wood & Steel Magazine for seven years.

Steve has a beloved daughter, Jessica, who lives in San Diego. She, like her Dad, is a photographer.




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