The biggest mistake you can ever make is to forget to dream. A dream comes from your heart. It comes from a place that is charged with the spiritual and galactic powers of the universe, God and everything that has ever affected you. Staying true to that plan and not looking to the left or the right or even behind you. Keep your surroundings and past in reference, just don’t let it run your everything.

Everyone Wants New Business. Nothing is more satisfying than a new client or customer. Your mood opens up, you feel like your idea or business is working. Life is good. So why does the feeling fade? Why do we have that need to go back to the well for even more business? Like that new client now became the new normal and we need to climb higher. Then the higher climb doesn’t seem to work and we are below where we started.

The difference is consistency.

The new idea or action that seems so inviting is like seeing the new car or relationship that will fill the hole in your heart. The new idea must be an accelerant of the current idea or the two will compete. You will then become the overall loser. Your lust for confusion to cover your tracks will overwhelm your ability to make clear decisions.

Stay consistent. Get people around you that are always trying new things in a dedicated direction. Look for the big thinkers and invite them into your world. Listen to their ideas and find the ones that align with the consistent track of your growth. When you listen to the big thinkers, you will see that there is a rhyme to the rhythm of their actions and they are actually thinking very small over an enormous amount of instances that make their actions seem big. In actuality, it is their ADHD, Dyslexia, and other terms designed to hinder the genius mind that actually makes them the biggest attribute you are not using.

The answer is always the person you are discounting.


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