Driving traffic to local businesses other than yours helps everyone in the local business community. Brands that think of themselves as part of a community are able to build together. For example, LionShare Coworking decided to have 16 Agency build their brand in Jacksonville Beach in January 2017. We built a plan that engaged as many local businesses and brands to use the coworking space as their own resulting in a close relationship with the Chamber of Commerce, 80% occupancy and a regionally recognized brand. This all came from being local first.  We did not come up with the idea of being local, we just activated it in a new way through social media and email marketing along with some help from Watson Creative’s super magical video talents. Now you can see LionShare Cowork as a local Jacksonville Beach and Jacksonville brand supporting its community 5 miles from the beach.

Your business is local. Everything is local. All you have to do is look at it differently than you are now. Everything you are doing to build a brand, run ads, create systems and deliver a quality product/service all come from being local first. Your ability to be part of a community gives you the ability to work with what others have. If you are a beauty brand, then “blend” in with your local coffee shop to highlight your products in a space where they are naturally showcased, through never mentioned. If you are a smartphone app, then connect with a local business that has clients that can benefit from the app and do an event at the local location and make an event out of it.

  • Email a friend who has a business.

  • Suggest a way that you can work together that is mutually beneficial for the community.

  • See how it works.

  • Reach out to more friends and continue the process.

  • Define a Return on Investment & scale the initiative.