Your very own “Just Do It”. Just think about that. The slogan that has taken over multiple generations and delivers the battle cry to thousands of sports teams and millions of athletes. You can create yours. Just like Nike created theirs. In Phil Knight’s book, he recalls that they named Nike in a last minute decision at a Fax machine. The logo was created by an art student for $35. The slogan is iconic.
Every idea has a life in front of it. You already have one. Everyone has this calling to do the thing they were created to do. The more you want your idea to succeed, the better the chances of it being a success. You can see this happen all around us in shows like Shark Tank, products like Tesla and ideas like Mickey Mouse. You just have to believe.
My real talent is believing in people. I believe that your idea, brand or company can succeed. There is a way to make it happen. In my travels, relationships, projects & my own ideas, the successes I have seen are amazing. From an online TV station for the largest Hip Hop radio station in the world, to activating the fan base for one of the largest women’s conferences, to a 30% conversion rate for a yoga brand.
The best is yet to come. The secret sauce is you. Your idea and your belief in yourself makes it all happen.
– Tim

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